Tesla Analysis(Pestel Tows Swot ...)

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Pestel :
Political and legal: * strong impact of lobby * unions are powerful in US * subsidies to support R&D for alternative cars technologies (ex: governments supports investment in hydrogen powered vehicle research) * US government currently offers economic incentives to encourage electric vehicle ownership * Voluntary export restraints : 1981 Reagan administration to control exportations * Reinforcement of laws concerning safety of customers

Economic: * increase of fuel price * high selling prices: not adapted to all customers (crisis since 2008, decrease of purchase power) * the big 3 automakers (GM, Ford, Chrysler) : they dominate US automotive industry social: * cars are
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Government subsidies.Vulgarization of electric cars. | Large automobile companies entering the market with full and hybrid electric cars, Lot of variation of the price of oil.Substitutes in energy technologies, like hydrogen powered cars, natural gas, or ethanol Competing firms have lots of capital to develop technologies Electric cars are still expansivethe longevity of fully electric cars remains to be proven |


| Strengths | Weaknesses | Opportunities | Recognizable brand: growing public movement towards sustainable vehicles.Strong technological expertise in electric: has to develop on other ways (batterie wiith lithum component)Supplier for competitors: low bargaining power for competitorsFirst: mover advantage: competitors depend on Tesla (patents, technology) |