Communication & Conflict

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CM310:Communication & Conflict Final Project

Communication & Conflict Final Project

The Nature of Power in Conflict:

Power can be defined in many ways. Most simply, it is the ability to get what you want.
Power is a fundamental concept in any conflict. The nature of that power can depend upon how the power is distributed, how it is viewed, and how it is used. There can be power struggles between those that feel very powerful and those that feel that they have little to no power. The different individual perceptions of power within a conflict can affect communication.
Power can be distributed in three distinct ways: distributive, designated, and integrated (Wilmot and Hocker, 2007).
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Power relations are therefore changing all the time, sometimes quickly and obviously, sometimes slowly and imperceptibly.

Collaboration and constructive realignment of power is best for all concerned when the higher power person is not abusing their position (Wilmot and Hocker). When we use cooperation we increase power.

Change in an individual’s communication or thoughts changes the entire system. Very small changes can produce enormous effects, reverberate throughout the entire system and bring results that are much larger than one would ever imagine (Wilmot & Hocker, 2007).

In a situation involving my son and my daughter, Isaiah (son) was the one to change how he expressed his thoughts and ideas to his younger sister (Myaziah) about keeping their bathroom clean. In the beginning of the situation, Isaiah yelled at Myaziah and even threatened her in an attempt to get her to do her part in keeping their bathroom clean, which almost led to a physical fight between the them.
Isaiah soon realized that threatening Myaziah was not working, so he did the only reasonable thing he could.
He acknowledged the fact that he was unable to change or control what Myaziah does and concentrated on his responsibilities in keeping the bathroom clean, leaving Myaziah to deal with the


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