Bolman and Deal

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Political Frame Notes

From Bolman and Deal: All direct quotes:

Chapter Nine
Pages 185-186
The political frame does not blame politics on such individual characteristics as selfishness, myopia, or incompetence. Instead, it asserts that interdependence, divergent interests, scarcity, and power relations inevitably spawn political activity.

Page 186: Political Assumptions
1. Organizations are coalitions of diverse individuals and interest groups.
2. There are enduring differences among coalition members in values, beliefs, information, interests, and perceptions of reality.
3. Most important decisions involve allocating scarce resources—who gets what.
4. Goals and decisions emerge from bargaining, negotiation, and
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Page 216: Block’s four steps of “let go of them” strategy for dealing with adversaries:
1. tell them your vision
2. state your best understanding of their position
3. identify your contribution to the problem
4. tell them what you plan to do without making demands.

Lax and Sebenius (1986) ethical issues: helpful set of questions
Page 218
1. Are you following rules that are mutually understood and accepted?
2. Are you comfortable discussing and defending your action?
3. Would you want someone to do it to you?
4. Would you want everyone to act that way?
5. Are there alternatives that rest on firmer ethical ground?

Ethical Framework: pages 218-219
1. Mutuality
2. Generality
3. Openness
4. Caring
Notes from Gutmore’s lecture

Compare and Contrast Human Resource frame with political and structural
Look at Research bases and concern with schools

Political Frame: Slide 2
People tend to gather along points of view.
Can be informal
Connection to structural frame is a benefit, but is NOT required
Human Resource Frame: fit for the group.

Results in Coalitions

Who gets what? Resultant of differences and coalitions Finance: Equality, Equity, Efficiency, Effectiveness Where Equality: everyone is the same Effectiveness: measured by giving validity Efficiency: is best bang for buck Business model applied to human activity Attempt to deal politically with problems

Goals: Interactive where people


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