Biz Cafe Reflections

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My Biz Café Simulation Learning Experience

Davenport University


This paper will cover a reflection of my experience with the Biz Café simulation. After reading this paper, one should have an idea of what I learned from the simulation and how it works. I will be talking about the challenges my team and I dealt with and how we overcame these challenges. Most importantly, I will be talking about how we made Coffee Connection run as a successful coffee shop. In this paper, I will also discuss my thoughts on teamwork and the significant factors of running a small business.

My Biz Café Simulation Learning Experience
Taking part in the Biz Café simulation has been one of the most motivating, enjoyable and enriching learning
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After all, a company’s employees are their most valuable resource.
During each round of the Biz Café simulation, we tried to exercise a realistic way of thinking when making important decisions that would have an impact on our business. When purchasing coffee, one thing we did not take advantage of was sales forecasting which was probably our biggest mistake. As a result, our coffee purchases were constantly off. Not taking advantage of sales forecasting caused it to be difficult to determine an adequate amount of coffee to order for just about every round.
What Made Us Successful
Early on in the beginning of the simulation, I think we did a great job as far as brand awareness. We were sure to take advantage of the radio and newspaper advertisements. Before long, business was booming. The advertisements were one of best decisions we decided upon due to how much business we brought in by simply marketing our café and product. By investing in the advertisements, our sales were definitely increased. Good marketing is undeniably one of the keys to the success of a business.
As a team, it is most important to always work together if you plan to succeed. Throughout the Biz Café simulation, my teammates and I each put forth an awesome team effort by working together. We all brought different ideas and thoughts to the table. Communication is one of the most vital aspects in working as a team. We made it our business to meet on our group’s