City of God Analysis

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City of God is a depicts the reality of the narrator’s life growing up in the slums on the outskirts of Rio. What was meant to be a small film project became a success in many ways. Although it quickly became an international sensation winning numerous awards the filmmakers were also successful with their use of various components of cinematography. One critic said that “City of God is a wildly entertaining film. The sheer energy of the movie is never less than compelling. Meirelles pulls out every filmmaking trick in the book, utilizing freeze-frames, montage, flashback, quick-cutting, and even strobe lights” (Millikan 1). I will analyze various scenes from the film and explain how each successfully applied film techniques. “The …show more content…

They were simply no competition for the gang. Even if the scene was completely silent and Lil Ze weren’t talking trash any on looker could understand why the police cowardly ran away.
The angles that added value were the 180 degree which transitioned into a 360 degree angle shot as it captured Rocket standing in the middle of the street between the two groups looking like a plucked chicken. It was interesting to see how the shots moved fast and then froze, giving us an idea of what was in Rocket’s mind. He was trying to determine which way he should run and as he checked out his surroundings for some idea. The shots then spiraled around him, warping him back to his childhood as if it he was being transported out of harm’s way.
The filmmakers did a great job at sticking to the principles of film form and ensuring that all elements of the film were related. Each scene supported the other in some way to become what I consider a gangster movie with a twist.
Some elements of the movie were multifunctional for example the brats served as a nuisance to Lil Ze as they wrecked havoc in the city to his disliking. He later used them to retaliate against Carrot when the chips were down. To his dismay they were also his assassins as they killed him the same way that he killed Rocket’s brother.
Another example of


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