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07/7/13 BA 18 Robert C. Schamlle Homework 3 I. Frigaliment Importing Co. V. B.N.S International Sales Textbook P. 117 Facts Frigaliment Importing and B.N.S Corporation came into agreement that B.N.S will provide chickens for sale to Frigaliment. The contract contained two separate shipments in which each shipment contained different weighted chicken. Frigaliment received the first shipment and noticed that the heavier chickens were older chicken that were meant for stewing not frying. Frigaliment immediately sto24pped the second shipment and sued that they did not provide the right type of chicken in which they were asking for young chickens. B.N.S (the defendant) states that chicken can mean anything as long as they are in the same …show more content…

1. Ten different references available at the Law Library Federal SupplementCA Appellate ReportsUnited Sates Code ServiceCA ReportsFederal ReporterWitkin Summary of LawU.S Supreme Courts ReportsMatthew Benders CA Legal Forms of Pleading and PracticeWest Annotated/CA CodesButler Group Civil Procedure Before Trial 2. Wests Annotated California Code The purpose of this book is to supply the reader with California state legislation that was current to 2002 this book specifically focuses on California codes that deal with education. This book features notes and opinions from the attorney general, cross references, as well as vast amount of historical and statutory notes. Trials Practice Strategy Controls This book is directed towards lawyers who practice law and are looking to sharpen their skills. Perfect examples are that of mastering persuasion, when to stay quiet, how you ask questions to witnesses and clients, as well as many more pointers to become a successful lawyer. It even goes into detail on how to file away your clients information. . 3. Wests California Reporter 167 t The People Plaintiff V. Respondent Kenneth was convicted of second degree murder of the killing of his wife. He pleaded insanity but the jury found him to be completely sane at the time of the murder. Defendant stated that he does not remember due to his alcohol problems.