Serial Killer Speech Essay

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COM 103: Public Speaking
Specific Goal: To inform my audience about the psychology of the serial killer.
A. There are possibly 20-100 of them active in the U.S. B. They are sociopathic, psychopathic monsters that hide behind the masks of normal everyday people. C. They have no conscience, no empathy, no feelings or remorse. Only apathy. A dark empty world where the only sense of satisfaction and feeling comes from taking the life of another. D. What causes this type of behavior? What could make someone commit such grisly crimes for the sake of mere pleasure? E. Today I will be talking to you about the psychology of the serial killer. F. We
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The study showed they lacked empathy and compassion. C. There is evidence that many serial killers suffered head injuries. Bobby Joe Long (motorcycle accident), Earle Nelson (childhood accident), Randy Kraft (fell down concrete steps), Albert Fish (fell from tree), David Berkowitz (auto accident), Kenneth Bianchi (fell off jungle gym), Raymond Fernandez (steel hatch cover on freighter fell on his head) and Carl Panzram (head infection where he was operated on at home on his kitchen table) are just a few.
(There are those rare cases on the other hand, where an individual is raised in a normal household and suffers no trauma to the brain at all. They were loved by their parents like you and me yet something still went wrong. Are some people just predestined to become killers? Were they hardwired for murder since birth?)
III. The natural born killer. A. He seemed to have everything going for him - education, looks, a fair amount of money. He graduated from Washington with a degree in psychology and in the summer of 1973 was accepted into the University of Utah Law School. His childhood was without serious disfunction except for his close grandfather who had a violent temper. 1. This man was Ted Bundy, one of the most notorious serial killers in America. 2. Even at an early age Ted occasionally exhibited disturbing behavior. His Aunt Julia recalled


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