Bus and Supply Chain

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Business Analysis 3
About InnoBus 3
Mission and strategy 3
Structure 3
The competitive situation of InnoBus in the trade environment 4
SWOT Analysis 4
5-Forces Model by Porter 6
The Unique Selling Proposition of InnoBus 7
Competitors of InnoBus 7
The Stakeholders of InnoBus 8
The Legal Aspects 8
The International Trade Environment 8
The competitive advantage of InnoBus 9
The logistic process at InnoBus 9
The Process 9
Time-to-market 10
Planning and Master Production Schedule 11
The position of InnoBus in the supply chain 11
Current problems and risks of InnoBus 14
Global Description 14
Financial Position and Possible Bankruptcy 14
Drop in Market Demand 14
Conservatism with possible Customers 14
Fierce Competition 15
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• Weak/bad financial position.
Innobus’ bad financial position raises a lot of concerns. Their expected loss for this year is $15 million. Now they are having discussions with the bank to look for a proper solution. In these discussions Innobus is supported by a business consulting organization.
This financial problem is mainly caused by the postponed Los Angles contract which has a value of $25 million and is responsible for 50% of the sales.
In addition to that comes the negative capital in the consolidated balance sheet for this year which was positive in former years.
InnoBus is now trying to cover the deficit with increasing the accounts payable and accounts receivable while they are bargaining with the bank to get extra bank loan. However the Los Angles contract has a negative side aspect, until next year this will cause an increase in inventory.
The biggest negative consequence of the bad financial position is that InnoBus is not able to do any investments which certainly would improve their financial position and increase profit.

• Human resource management
The last couple of weeks InnoBus is facing employee absenteeism and the employees were not delighted when a plant had to shut down for three months. Bob Mac Carthy, the plant manager receives a lot of complaints by the employees. They say that the work which they have to carry


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