Understanding the Organisational Purposes of Businesses

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Course Name: Level 4 HNC Business

UNIT TITLE NO. AND TITLE: Unit 1 Business Environment

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Assignment 1- Understanding the organisational purposes of businesses (DRAFT)

Date Submitted 21st May 2012

Understanding the organisational purposes of business
In this day and age all individuals will have some affiliation with a business organisation. Whether it be the company they work for, the retail store they purchase their groceries or the NHS dentist they attend individuals of society are all affiliated, controlled and in control of business organisation. Organisations may be established for a number of reasons and serve various purposes, their activities can be affected by a range of different
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If the company fails to meet the objectives of the publisher which would be to sell large quantities of books, then the publishers may look to terminate their contract and sell elsewhere. If this were to happen then ultimately the company may not be able to supply the products customers’ desire. A scenario of this could be, if bad customer service is employed and customers are unhappy with their purchase they will look to purchase elsewhere. Thus then affecting relations with suppliers, so although an individual customer may not poses that much power as a stakeholder they still need to be kept satisfied in order to maintain equilibrium. There are many responsibilities of an organisation whether it’s a corporate company or a government body all organisations need to consider the responsibilities they hold. This could be with the staff they employ, the customers they sell too or the affect they have on the environment. Complying with and operating within legislations and laws is a must, gaining a good reputation and a trust is essential there can be no trust if you cannot prove legitimacy. CSR (Corporate social responsibility)
Organisations must take into to consideration the responsibilities they hold to achieve good working relations with all affected. CSR is about understanding the organisation and the impact it may have on the


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