Too Much Presure by Colen Wenke

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Juan Garcia

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Too Much Pressure by Colleen Wenke
Questions on Meaning What reasons does Wenke suggest for the increase in cheating among students? Wenke suggests that the increase in cheating is moral decline. She that schools need to assume the responsibility of teaching kids about what are good morals, the difference of good and bad. She also express her most important reason is that students are too busy to get done the little things that need get done such as homework. These students are college bound students. Students that are trying to juggle too many activities. Restoring to compromising their integrity for a good grade. What does Wenke see as a possible negative consequence of cheating among students
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What is the effect of such language? Does it strike you as appropriate for her argument? One example of colloquial expressions is when Wenke says “We are creating a society in which people feel it is okay to cheat” another example is when she says “we really didn’t think it was a big deal to copy homework.” The effect that is added to her argument with this colloquium is that it lets the reader know her opinion as a student where as a student she too cheated. It gives us a look into the situation from the perspective of a student who is doing or has cheated. So that we don’t have to rely on the opinions of the experts that make cheating look something of a sin. What does Wenke mean when she says, “the phase ‘honest businessman’ will truly be an oxymoron” (par. 10)? What is an oxymoron? When Wenke says honest businessman she means that those two terms contradict themselves, also known as an oxymoron. When someone is honest they are truth full and are good hearted people. But in society’s eye, a businessman really isn’t honest. He will certainly not be honest and lie they’re way to the top of the hierarchy of business. She says in her essay that the students cheating today are the students that will be these CEO’s and business administrators. If the cheat in school they will certainly not be honest because they have cheated to get where they are. Use a dictionary to help you define any of the following words: Decrements: the amount by which a