Health Care Proposal

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My New Proposal for a New System Jamelia Hamilton Axia College of University of Phoenix Health care is one of the most important benefits to the people of the United States. Everybody needs health care and some people need more medical attention than others and some people do not even need health care, except for their yearly exams. Today health care has many strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. I have come up with a new exam that will hopefully benefit everybody in some way. My vision for the new health care system is to one, make it more affordable for everybody in the United States. Two, to make sure that everybody receives the medical attention they need and deserve. The new health care plan I have come up with is called, …show more content…

I came up with this plan to benefit everybody, not just certain populations. I do not believe that there would be any populations that would be disadvantaged by my new proposal. This new system would make advantages to everyone. This system would give needed health care to ones who do not receive health care help and really need certain medical attention, without forgetting about others. The best part of this new proposal is that it is affordable and everybody could benefit from affordable health care. The current challenges that would be solved by this new system is the rise of health care costs and who benefits and who does not benefit for health care. Another challenge that would be solved is how the elders cannot buy other things because they have to pay the high costs of health care, especially the ones who have to go see their primary care physician every month. The new proposed system, I believe would not cause any new problems. Health care is very expensive today and I believe that the government and everyone else can do something about. That is why I came up with this proposal. It will benefit everybody. I also believe that they could stop paying doctors, nurses, and health care administrator’s so much money. I can understand getting paying for what you do, but sometimes they do get paid a little too much and that money could go to give health care to the ones who cannot afford it. Today, health care is a necessity and everybody in the United


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