Dystopic Essay (1984 & V for Vendetta) Essay

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Through the dystopic texts of 1984 written by George Orwell and V for Vendetta directed by James McTeigue, the concept of a cautionary tale is portrayed by the dystopic qualities present in the highlighted texts. To which a dystopic text is an exploration of restrictive and controlling societies which reflect modern day concerns. To portray the texts as a warning story, Orwell and McTeigue give depictions of the dystopic qualities of their worlds, through the loss of independence and freedom and emphasise the importance of the individual through its loss in the dystopic societies.

The qualities of Dystopia apparent in 1984 and V for Vendetta through the absence of Independence and Freedom provide groundwork for the texts classification
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It was that her waist had grown thicker, and, in a surprising way, had stiffened” The betrayal of each other reveals the broken love now existing between the two “ I betrayed you; she said baldly. I betrayed you. He said. She gave him another quick look of dislike.” Conveying a sense of stark monotony, repetitive stunted dialogue is used between the ex-lovers. Now a blind believer of Big Brother, Winston is ‘defeated’ and the novel ends with the government still in power without any changes to the dystopic world.
Also emphasising the importance of individuality V’s seemly inhuman façade is maintained through the entire film right up to his untimely death on the hands of Evie. Contrasting the final events of 1984, V is not defeated alike Winston but is immortalised due to the idea he had represented. V achieves this by casting off his individuality as a person and donning the distinctive mask of Guy Fawkes. After his death, Evie is shown to become V by finishing the objective to blow up parliament highlighting the undying nature of V. McTeigue represents this through the monologue of Evie who quotes “And he was my father, and my mother, my brother, my friend, he was you, and me, he was all of us.” Portraying V as an idea everyone had. Adding to this, the identical V costumes of the citizens during the rally symbolising their willingness to take on V’s idea. Through these examples of 1984 and V for Vendetta the concept of a warning tale is expressed through the