Case Study: the First Appraisal Interview

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1. What do you think of the boss’s ratings and his defense of them?
The boss’s evaluation is not good and fair for Sandy. And it is not helpful for Sandy to improve.
Rating against a standard permits a supervisor to classify employee performance independently from that of other employees. Both supervisor and employee have a reference point for accurately looking at an employee’s long-term performance growth.
Ratings against a standard do not preclude comparisons. While employees may typically compare themselves to others, there is little to be gained by having the organization promote such comparisons. They are likely to create envy, vanity and dysfunctional competition. In this case, boss lets Sandy to compare with Charlie. It may
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It usually make Sandy feel bad and may also make her defensive. Sandy will lose her confident for the job and she will not to be encourage to work well or get improved. The boss doesn't emphasize the help and support for improvement. He only dwells on past mistakes of Sandy during the evaluation period. He doesn't listen to Sandy’s feelings and suggestion. he only inform Sandy that she wont lost her job. It is not enough for Sandy to improve in the further.
3. List the mistakes the boss makes in his interview. How could he have handled things better?
In this appraisal interview, the boss makes some major mistakes.
Firstly, the boss does not allow enough time to cover the ground at a comfortable pace. Each interview should take place in a quiet area free of interruption. The boss should schedule his interview in advance. However, the boss said to Sandy at the beginning of interview: “We are a little bit rushed for time.” It is not a good way to start off the interview. The boss doesn't establish rapport and he may leave a impression of sitting in judgment, talking down, or laying down the law. The boss need to let workers know he wants to help them do their jobs well, not to criticize them.
Secondly, the boss tale an authoritarian approach, in the whole interview, the boss only tell Sandy this is what you have done well, this is how he want Sandy to improve, this is what happen if Sandy don’t. It will often antagonize


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