Difference in Bedside Competencies Between Adn and Bsn Nurses

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Differences in Bedside Competency Between ADN and BSN Nurses
Tonya L Henson
Grand Canyon University
May 10, 2010

Currently in the United States there are three types of Registered Nurses. Diploma nurses obtain their education through a hospital based program. Associate Degree nurses usually receive their degree in a two year or community college setting. A Bachelor of Science degree in nursing is a four year academic degree. The debate over minimum education requirements for nurses has been going on for decades and there still seems to be no general consensus. The subject of entry level education requirements is one that is very divisive to many nurses. Internet searches bring up thousands of blogs, message board
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However, the BSN prepared nurse may identify the family’s unique needs and plan accordingly. The BSN prepared nurse may delegate tasks more effectively to ancillary staff to provide assistance. Perhaps having the unit clerk to call the family’s pastor or other family members for support. Or securing a conference room for the family and providing frequent updates on the patient’s condition and plan of care. When giving report to the receiving hospital she may be better able to address the family’s needs and provide an avenue for having these resources available when the family arrives. In this example there may not be any difference in the actual bedside competencies of the nurses giving direct patient care. Both nurses passed the same licensure exam and both are required to train annually on their facilities competencies. The difference in educational training may become more apparent with limited in house resources and continuing education opportunities. The National League for Nursing website addresses the issue of academic progression in a 2007 editorial, stating “The National League for Nursing has long championed the nursing professions multiple entry points”. The organization addresses several considerations and recommendations, with perhaps the most important being A critical goal for the future must be to sidestep the old argument of baccalaureate entry and move to options, such as RN to BSN or RN to MSN, that are not based on entry but


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