Food Intake

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Food Intake – 3 Days
Robert Claudio
SCI/220 Human Nutrition
19 de enero de 2011
Prof. Angela Del Toro Nieves

Abstract This paper is intended to explain my nutritional endeavor for the past three days. I will be providing different aspects of my nutritional needs and an in depth analysis on how proteins fats carbohydrates and fiber take part in an everyday diet and what are these functions. This is intended to broaden my views of a healthy lifestyle, and how to achieve it through a variety of food groups. In this essay the resources utilized where provided by the educational institute with the purpose of facilitating my research objectives.

Food Intake – 3 Days In my recorded daily intake the foods that provided
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AS a result I did not meet the recommended servings of foods from each fiber containing group.

The vegetable group was the most I lacked since I had only consumed about two cups of vegetables in three days.The foods that provide the most fiber in my diet are: whole grains, beans and legumes. There isn’t any specific trend in my diet that my affect my fiber choices, I usually have a rational view about any fiber. I will surely include more vegetables in my diet, whole grains and lean meats.

Fruits will not be left aside but, consume a wide variety of them not only the usual; apples, oranges and bananas. My diet does not include fiber-rich beans such as chili and split peas. The United States Department of Agriculture states: “One thing to remember about fiber is it is only found in plants. You can get plenty of fiber if you include whole grain products (including oats and barley), fruits and vegetables (especially eaten raw with the peel), and legumes like beans, peas and lentils in your diet. Although meat and poultry look fibrous and are sometimes hard to chew, only plant foods contain fiber”. It's the protein in these foods that adds the texture. So while you can get fiber through juice, you will be missing the majority of it that is found in the peel.

Insufficient amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fibers can cause a numerous array of problems. Starting with the lack of


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