Case Study : a Letter to the Bank Manager

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BPMM 3183 Relationship Marketing
(Group B)
UNIVERSITI UTARA MALAYSIA First Semester Session 2014/2015 INDIVIDUAL CASE STUDY : A Letter To The Bank Manager


Case Study (Chapter 1, page 17)
Question 1
What are the real problems that the customer is highlighting?
Firstly, the problem that customer highlighting is automatic debiting the customer account by way of penalty. This action cause the customer has to rethink his errant financial way. The bank should having a notice or inform to their customers before debiting any penalty. This may cause many of customers that face the financial problem to fall into difficulty.
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Feedback loops enable bank to instantly acquire consumer feedback at the point of experience online, via telephone or with in-person surveys. A new improvement to the self-service industry is the use of the Internet to promote the personalized experience, which makes the visitor to the site feel like he is special and individual business is appreciated.
The bank’s performance is very important to increase the quality of service. The bank’s employee is actually representative to bank, so bank must train their employee to provide the best service to customer. The best way is give more training course to let they learn how service customer. Bank’s employee must know how to communicate with customer and present best performance in front of customer. The performance of employee will build customers confidence. This will achieve the assurance: diverse features that provide confidence to customers such as the bank’s specific service knowledge, polite and trustworthy behavior of employees.

Reliability is an integral part of service quality. When customers find that things are done right the first time, every time, they gain confidence in the bank and in the abilities of the staff. Adequate and repeated training of branch staff will make them more knowledgeable and empower them to handle most situations with ease. For example, the telephone system, customer expects


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