SSS Software in-Basket Exercise

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Chris Perillo was offered to replace Michael Grant, who has resigned and gone to the competitor Universal Business Solutions, Inc. Previously, Perillo managed a group of 15 software developers, but now he is assigned with a bigger and more prestigious position; the Vice Presidency of Operations for Health and Financial Services. Chris needs to review all the material in the in-basket, as well as the voice mail and e-mail and prioritize the response to each item. Perillo must make good decisions in a good time manner in order to gain confidence from the President and CEO and also all his new subordinates. Each decision will directly affect his career, so as the future of the organization. The case presents a realistic situation
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Employees from all different sectors and funds available. Excel Grant’s previous performance by under promising and over delivering

Relates to: Memo#1
Response form: Memo
TO: All Employees
FROM: Chris Perillo
DATE: October 16
It is a true honor to be announced as the Vice President of Operations for Health and Financial Services. I am excited and prepared for our new project. Having now the responsibility of dealing with staff issues I want you to please inform me about your questions, concerns or ideas and I will personally contact you.
Again, I look forward to working with you. With our great synergy we will accomplish our goals and achieve successes collectively.
Chris Perillo
Vice President of Operations for Health and Financial Services

Relates to: Memo#2
Response Form: No Response

Relates to: Memo#3
Response Form: Email
TO: Paula Sprague
FOM: Chris Perillo
SUBJECT: List of Personal Information Good evening Ms. Paula,
I have studied the list provided and as consequence, I have sent you meetings request forms. But just as a reminder, I will ask you to please schedule particular meetings with Mr. Marke, Mr. Small, and Mr. McIntyre.
I appreciate your great job with the detailed list,
Chris Perillo
Vice President of Operations for Health and Financial Services

Response Form: Meet with Armand Marke