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Class: MBA 602 Organizational Behavior and Management
From: Chitra Arivalagan (770099290)
To: Dr. Maria Nathan
Writing Assignment-1 Strategic Design at Dynacorp

1. If you were on the Dynacorp task force, what would be your first choice for an alternative design? What would be your second choice?. Answer:
If I am on the Dynacorp task force, my first choice for an alternative design would be front /back structure of strategic design. This structure divides the organization into two parts such that the back end products which include engineering, manufacturing and the logistics and the front end is faced by the marketing and sales division. As Dynacorp is spread across the US and as well as the world, this front/back
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* With the introduction of the projects/programs division the expansion in Dynacorp can be implemented easily with the new inventions being done be the engineering and produced by manufacturing divisions. * This new division revisits the goals of Dynacorp on a periodic basis which in turn creates a continuous increase in the profits of the Dynacorp.
There are some issues still faced within the different divisions of Dynacorp. For example, the problems of the young members of the organization is having too many layers of managers within the division, is not addressed by the above strategic structure. With the advancement in the technologies these barriers can be reduced further with the help of information networks.

3. What linking and alignment mechanisms would you propose to make the “grouping” of your first choice design more effective?

I would suggest Permanent Cross-unit Groups and Information Technology systems as the linking between the divisions of Dynacorp. With permanent cross-unit groups teams can be formed to coordinates the meetings and activities between engineering and manufacturing, and as well as marketing and manufacturing, where major delays are noted in Dynacorp. Also with the help of the Information Technology systems (computer networks, emails, etc.), the communications between the managers of the same division and between the divisions are made possible. This in turn reduces the delays that


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