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Date: December 5, 2012
Subject: Case Study #3 City Council Politics Case Summary

The situation is about two politicians- Farwell that has a history of unethical behaviors. She is running for a position that could fire Newman an old partner and what seems like the one politician that was put in an unfair situation. In the past Farwell has abused the system by not doing her job and receiving money from it. Newman a former partner saw this but couldn't do anything because she did it legally. Still he believes this was ethically wrong and she shouldn't be given another opportunity to try it again. It's an eye for an eye so to speak so every politician should always watch their backs.

Now she is
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That the type of politicians I want in office running my city.


Newman has three choices to make. One: he could simply release the information that will kill him and his campaign. Doing this would be the morally right thing even though his opponent has not be moral. Two: He could do what she did. This is wrong and everything he thought about her he must eat it. Three: He could release this information on conditions that she do the same. This will be fair for him and her.

Recommended Solution

In the reading of Denhardt (1988,45) it argues that in our society our accepted principles are Keeping promises, truth telling, and justice. Based on this I would argue that Newman agree to release this information. He doesn't have much to lose if he treated her respectfully when she was "ill". People prefer a politician is telling that is telling the truth. By with hold this information it makes people think twice about what you are hiding even if it's nothing. According to Svara on page 170, Pubic confidence is important. This is one of the highest ideals of honor and integrity. Members should conduct them self's so as to maintain public confidence. This would be going against that if Newman chooses to not release information. It also getting into professional respects. If there was someone else running for that position would they too release this information or just ignore it. In conclusion, its in the best interest of the


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