Case Study

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Read the 4 mini-cases below. For each case answer the following questions: 1. What are the relevant Facts? 2. What are the ethical Issues? 3. Offer your opinion on what actions should be taken.

Case Study 1
Incredible Shrinking Potato Chip Package
Topic: Cost vs. price vs. value issues
Julie, Brand Manager for potato chips at a regional salty snacks manufacturer
Dave, Marketing Director for the regional salty snacks manufacturer

Julie has been concerned about the profitability of the various items in her line of potato chips. According to her potato suppliers, the recent drought caused a 35 percent reduction in the potato crop compared to one year ago, resulting in a 25
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Jordon and Mr. Collins. Thursday morning when Greg arrived at work, he found the original computer data printouts by his door with numerous numbers in the tables changed with red ink There was also a note to see Elizabeth.

Elizabeth explained that Mr. Collins thought the findings would have been different and that the client would probably not agree with the actual findings and related recommendations. He has therefore taken “research license” and changed a few numbers in the computer data printouts. Now he wants you (Greg) to rewrite your report accordingly. Elizabeth explained that since clients are provided with a copy of these summary printout sheets, she has called the outside computer firm to send new printouts with the revised numbers.
Author: Gordon L. Patzer, Professor of Marketing, University of Northern Iowa.

Case Study 3
Washing Dirty Laundry
Topic: Advertising (Unethical Tactics)
Characters: Bruce Seth, project manager at a consumer products company
Priscilla Wheeling, Bruce's boss

Bruce Seth, a project manager at a consumer products company, was wondering how he should proceed with his recommendation for the Endirt commercials. Endirt had been doing well in the market, but not a week went by without a customer (or former customer) writing to complain about the commercial.

There were variations of the commercial, but the central theme was “Dirt on your shirt.” It


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