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Case Study – Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK)
1) A. Examples of Land used by GBK could be Natural goods (for examples potatoes) and the land where the outlets are situated.

B. Examples of Capital used by GBK could be Shelving and computers.

C. I would say that Paul Campbell is an example of Labour. I think this because the Case study states that he ‘heads’ the company. This statement could suggest that he has a managerial role in the company, which would therefor mean that he is skilled in that particular domain and that he has experience. This could also suggest that he is a paid employee and that he earns a better living than the people working in the kitchen or the servers working in the restaurant.
However, some could
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They could also invest in computarised booking, which would facilitate the whole booking idea for customers. Through this, they could also get known by the public if their name is on a few websites, this could increase the demand for GBK. Another way in which they could make their business more efficient would be by using new credit card machines which is to date with the latest technology so that the customers can pay online or from the telephones.
In terms of Entreprise, GBK could increase/decrease their willingness to take risks in order to find the right balance and the efficiency needed. They could try new exclusive dishes for example, wich could lead to an increase in GBK demand or in a complete fall. This would be an example of enterprise as it is a matter of making decisions and taking risks.

6) Higher quality, better service, better staff, more exlusive staff, probably more interested in their jobs, better paid, healthier burgers. More exclusive. Reputation more of a restaurant than fast food.
I believe GBK can achieve higher levels of added value than Mc Donalds for many different reasons.
Firstly, GBK serves way better quality food than Mc donalds does. This is a huge factor regarding that matter as GBK is seen as an actual restaurant and is more exclusive than Mc Donalds. This may lead to different types of customers going to have a meal in GBK, higher class people who can afford better quality people or just people


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