Social Penetration

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Social Penetration Theory

The Social Penetration Theory is an explanation by two communication theorists, Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor. This theory attempts to explain how relational closeness develops. Since we all have hundreds of different relationships, with thousands of different people during our lifetime, it is an important theory to study and understand. The Social Penetration Theory can be compared to an onion. The comparison stems from the idea that an onion has many layers, just like a human’s personality. There is an outside layer that is visible to everyone, but underneath that there are several layers that get deeper and deeper. All of us have met people for the first time, and have formed our first
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Another cost for Rose is that if she were to leave her fiancé, it would leave her family with nothing and she would give up the luxurious life her current fiancé can provide her and her mother. While Rose faces the problems of having those cost, there are rewards to weigh against those cost. If she were to leave her fiancé who she isn’t in love with, the reward would be to fall in love with Jack. When Rose had to choose whether to get on a boat with the other woman so they would be safe, or stay on the ship with Jack, she chose to stay on the ship with Jack to feel the reward of true love and freedom. Unfortunately Jack dies, so we do not get to see how the relationship between the two would have turned out. One can argue that since they only knew each other for a few days, depenetration could have occurred. Depeneatration according to the textbook is a slow deterioration of the relationship. It occurs when two people in a relationship do not disclose as much information as previously done. Withholding deep information about oneself can terminate a relationship. We would all like to think that Jack and Rose would have fallen in love for ever to have the perfect ending, but depenetration is one of the assumptions of Social Penetration Theory that one could argue against it. The Titanic is a perfect example to support the Social Penetration theory. Is shows a relationship that started out at the public level can


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