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In this case study I am going to be analysing ways in which employees become disengaged as discussed in the case study it could be for various reasons, whether they are managers or part time sales advisors within the company. Many people become disengaged at work whether it’s lack of motivation or they just don’t like the job and the money is there motivation.
I am going to be finding out why employees get disengaged and how companies try to get past this and lower the amount of disengaged employees in their company from managerial styles and theories to head office functions such as human resources.


The major
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Reducing labour costs could go both ways on trying to help the situation of employees being more engaged. If labour costs of a company were reduced and staffing was lowered then the manager would be able too focus and have more time on the staff that remained, more frequent one to one meetings and appraisals to see what is making the staff member feel like this at work, on the other hand reducing labour costs will mean less staff so more work for the current staff members at the company, which could lead to more stress at work which may already be on the main reasons why the employee is not happy at work in the first place, it may also be unrealistic too cut labour costs with the amount of staff already as they are stressed enough with the current amount of staff members that they have on the team.

The Human Resource department of every company is the main function that will be there for employees, they are who a staff member should seek if they have any troubles. Human Recourses starts from recruiting an employee to being in charge of dismissal, so they are there from start to finish with an


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