Human Side of Change and Its Relation with Success

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Matriculation/Exam Number: s1158302 / B020676
Course Name and Code: Organisation Studies/BUST08011
Tutor’s Name: Dr Tom Calvard
Assignment Due Date: 27/10/2011

Question Number: 2

Text of Question: A survey by McKinsey & Company (2008) reported that two-thirds of organisational change initiatives fail. In what ways could a fuller understanding of the ‘human’ aspects of change help improve this success rate?

Everyday, a new idea occur , a new technology changes our view, a new customer with novel tastes join into our market , our economic conditions change, the time is ticking away so fast that even our social and cultural values change.
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It is also supported by the studies of Freese, Schalk and Croon (2011) that “organizational changes are presumed to have an impact on the psychological contract, because the changes are likely to affect what the organization will offer to the employees involved and/or what the organization expects to receive from its employees”(p.405). As we consider these bad consequences, it is likely to be a more guaranteed approach to applying participative management by consulting to employees for understanding them before making decisions. As for the participative management, it is believed that employees are the key to success in our change implementation process. Therefore it is very important to understand employees perception towards change. According to Whitton and Mayor (2002), “For change to be successful, the ‘soft’ human issues need to be integrated with ‘hard’ structures and systems”(Huczynski and Buchanan 2007:588). It means, when applying strategies for change (hard structures) , it is also very important to pay attention to emotional responses of employees . There is not only a technical but also a human side of change.Therefore, a manager cannot avoid and minimize emotions in an organizational change effort. He has to know how to deal with these issues. The primary determinant which determines whether the change implemention in


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