Benefits of Working in a Group Activity

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Team participation is what gets us through life. Without actively working with others, we would never be able to get ahead. When you are actively participating in an activity with a team; you tend to make many friends. We all have needs as defined by Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. One of these needs is self-esteem. Once you make friends, you will feel comfortable participating with them. This, in turn, builds up your self-esteem. Self-esteem is defined as regarding one-self with high value. When you are doing something with people you can trust, you will work harder to get better. “When you are satisfied with what you have achieved, you have reached a high level of self-esteem” says Nicole Moran of the American High School Swim Team. …show more content…

“We can’t get much done if everyone isn’t in practice” says Jalen Williams, member of the American High School Cross-Country Team. Well if this effect occurs in members being unfaithful to practice, why can’t it apply to commitment to practice? Well it can. If a group of team members decides to go to every practice, than the rest of the team will pick up these same habits. Eventually team members will gain an independent commitment to practice. Once you have become fully committed to your team and your teammates, you will develop the enjoyment of the activity. “I hated football at first. My dad made me play. Now football is a huge part of my life and I hope that one day I can be in the NFL” says Alvin Gamboa, Captain of the American High School Football Team. Spending time with your teammates in and out of practice will cause a fraternal bond that will then cause the team members to enjoy and ultimately love the activity. As mentioned before, team participation enhances responsibility. These qualities are then further exemplified in a classroom and a work setting. As I said earlier, time-management is the key to life success. Well what happens when your AP English teacher has assigned you a 1500 word essay due the next day? You also have a game that night. What do you do? Well you have to find a way to manage your time wisely to get your work done and be able to go the game. Let’s say that you have that same game and you are scheduled to work at the same time.


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