Discuss the importance of partnerships in a child care setting and how these might be developed and maintained for the benefit of the children."

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Course Title: Early Years Foundation Level 4

Assignment Number: Assignment 5 - "Discuss the importance of partnerships in a child care setting and how these might be developed and maintained for the benefit of the children."

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A practitioners job is not only to ensure the safety of the children and to plan structured day to day activities but also to ensure that various partnerships and created within the child care setting.
"Professional relationships are absolutely vital to the smooth running of an early years setting." Early Years Foundation Level 4, Unit 5 (Respecting each other) - Professional relationships page 69.

Depending on the child care environment practitioners can work with one or
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This is to ensure that parents dont start to panic that their child is becoming dependant on one key person.

All children at any age specifically babies and early years children rely on the continuity of a special relationship between the practitioner and the child. They are the foundations of mental and physical development. Therefore practitioners should continuously ensure that every child feels loved, valued, cared for and thought about.
"A part of the role of the effective practitioner is to bring together their commitments of respect and working with parents as partners, in order to reinforce positive relationships with all the children in their care." Early Years Foundation Level 4 Unit 8 Key person ( Shared care) page 101.

Working with a group of children and their parents it's important to acknowledge that every family is unique. This could depend on numerous things i.e culture, language barrier, nationality a child's upbringing and their personal environment.

"Although practitioners may be experts in the field of children's learning and development they must remember that parents are experts on their own child." (Unit 6, Repeating diversity, page 75)

Effective communication is extremely essential in a child care setting with the children, the team of practitioners and also importantly the parents. Unfortunately there will be some things that parents miss out on when they entrust a practitioner to take care of their


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