Marketing Strategy for Fitness First

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| Diversity: Having a diverse workforce is fundamental to Fitness First’s success, |
|not because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes total business sense. We|
|employ people from every background and walk of life. It gives us a vast mix of |
|experience and perspectives and means we are better equipped to understand the needs |
|and priorities of our members |
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In the UK alone there are 160 Fitness First clubs with over 405,000 members. 2005, the company was acquired by BC Partners, a London -based private equity group.

In Australia Fitness First took over a number of Living Well Lady locations owned by the Hilton Group. They also bought the 11-Gym Healthland chain from an administrator, and now own 93 gyms across Australia. In the late part of 2006, Fitness First reached the milestone of 500 clubs worldwide, marked by the opening of fourth club in Sidney, Australia. On June 1st 2012 Fitness First decided to sell off 24 of its 97 Australian clubs as part of a restructure of the UK parent company.

FITNESS FIRST VISION: We are committed to you achieving your fitness and health goals; we offer best value, and inspire you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

MISSION: “To be famous for making the world a fitter place; like minded staff and like minded members work together to make that difference.”

OBJECTIVES: to help with remembering the core values and objectives of the organization the acronym recipe is used as a symbolic reminder of what the organization represents to its membership and others.

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• Mr. Andrew Cosslett, Andy has been Chief Executive Officer of Fitness


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