B2B Marketing Paper

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What do you see as the major differences between business marketing and consumer marketing? Which of these differences do you believe are the most important? Support your position with reference to an example of a company chosen from one of the following industries:

Although business markets and consumer markets share common values and theories, they differ in the way that they function in their respective markets. Organisations need to ensure they understand what makes up a consumer and business market as well as the reasoning behind the purchases of goods and services. Your typical business market sees transactions completed amongst different businesses, i.e. a wholesaler to a retailer, whereas, in a consumer market, a good or
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As said above, building trust and offering a strong product and service is essential in order to retain business. In the case of Qantas, if the dealings between themselves and their corporate accounts, i.e. Commonwelath Bank or Rio Tinto go smoothly during the course of the agreed contract, when the time comes around for Rio or Comm Bank to go to tender, putting aside policies and financial benefits offered, they will almost definitely evaluate their relationship with Qantas to determine whether they stay on for future business. These large corporate accounts that Qantas serve are known as collaborative customers as sales & service personnel work together in order to keep the relationship strong between them. The central focus in business marketing is based on relationships – by indicating superior skills in managing relationships with key customers, in the instance of Qantas it will be there large corporate accounts, businesses will create a collaborative advantage.

A channel through which airline tickets and packages can be purchased is via Qantas.com. A variety of potential and eventual customers browse the site


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