Research Proposal: Capital Punishment

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Carlee Taylor
English 112
Leland Howard
Research Proposal There are many controversial points of view on the death penalty in America’s society. Is the death penalty socially correct? Is it just? The death penalty is an execution sentence that a person convicted of a capital crime must face. A person can only be sentenced to death in 33 states ( There have been as of April 1, 2012, 3,170 death row inmates in the Unites States history, with an exception of the two inmates in New Mexico and eleven in Connecticut that remain on the death row due to the law not being made retrospective to these inmates. The controversy whether the death penalty is just or unjust has been a debate in America for many years. There have
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Controversy whether people agree with the capital punishment has varied over the years. A poll taken in 2007 by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Pew Research Center for the People of the Press stated, “Today, 62 percent of the public supports the capital punishment of people convicted of murder” (Masci 2).
Masci goes further to say, “As a result of the fur man decision, all death penalty statutes were effectively overturned and death row inmates in 32 states had their sentences commuted to life in prison” (Masci 2). Knowing the history of the death penalty and the role that the Baze v. Reese case has on the eighth amendment is very substantial evidence for my research paper. This article bases my three main points by supporting my argument that execution of a criminal does not justify the crime that was committed by the criminal. The Theater Rampage Jolts the Nation article by the US new Wall street Journal interprets the horrifying news of a mass shooting in Aurora Colorado at the Century Aurora movie theater. A man named James Holmes planned an attack at the midnight premier of “The Dark Night Rises”. As excited young adults, children, and teens sat down to watch the movie, Mr. Holmes came through the exit door and began shooting. Corbin Dates a 23 year old who attended the movie that night stated,
“…when he saw the theater’s emergency door swing open and a man walk inside, he thought it was some kind of movie related stunt. Even as


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