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The Anterior Cruciate Ligament’s role in movement
Michael Corrada
Texas Tech University
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The anterior cruciate ligament is one of the most injured parts of the knee for young and old alike. With the advancements in medical technology we are able to provide reconstruction and physical therapy to those with this type of injury. Most anterior cruciate ligament tears come from cutting or sharp pivoting or when the lower leg is planted and the upper leg twists. This causes a grade three sprain which is a tear. Upon injury to anterior cruciate ligament the athlete normally hears a popping sound seventy percent of the time. Other signs of a tear include rapid swelling of the knee caused from the blood from
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If the injury in sustained in a sport the athlete should be examined on the field and then once it is ascertained that they have an anterior cruciate ligament injury they should be placed in a splint and referred to a physician.
Anterior cruciate ligament injury is not an absolute indication for surgical reconstruction. Nevertheless, for the majority of active patients, treatment, results, and patient expectations have evolved such that ACL reconstruction is considered preferential to bracing and activity modification for most young individuals. The decision to proceed with surgical treatment of an ACL tear should be made only after a thorough discussion with the patient concerning their type of work, recreational activities, and future expectations.” (Busam, Provencher, & Bach, 2008)
While surgery is an excellent and recommended option for young people who intend on continuing an active lifestyle, for an elderly person who is not very active it may not be the best path. The main reason for surgery is for stability during exercise, but for the elderly, who are already not very active, they may be stable enough to continue everyday life without the need for reconstruction. Once an individual has sprained their anterior cruciate ligament to the degree that it is torn they can choose to not have it operated on. Sometimes this is the case when the individual does not need to be on their knees or has a sedentary job, such as a secretary or office job. Women are much more


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