College Athletes Should Get Paid Speech

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Topic: College Athletes Should Get Paid.
General Purpose: To Persuade.
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that college athletes deserve to get paid.
Central Idea: College athletes should get paid because of the unfair lifestyle of a student-athlete, these athletes make millions for their universities and billions for the NCAA, and the finances are just as up to par as professional sports.
I. Summer time is almost over. I hate to say it but it’s true. Pretty soon we’ll be rolling up windows, and putting up tops, they’ll be a cool breeze in the air, and you won’t find a tan-line anywhere.
A. Yep, the Fall semester is coming by REAL fast and you know what that means… The best time of the year is coming too, football
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C. It also blows my mind how you will find college athlete’s names on the back of jerseys being sold to hundreds of thousands of fans, players names on trading cards, on posters, magazines, in video games, and much more all in which the university makes a profit off their student’s names but the student can’t make a profit off their own name themselves.
1) If a player even makes ONE CENT by selling something with their name on it they will receive sever punishment.
2) People argue that “If the NCAA pays their athletes they would have to pay the same amount to the star on the football team as a bench player on the women’s soccer team and schools would go broke” I say that’s BOLOGNA! If we can get a man on the moon we can figure out how to compensate these players fairly. (Transition: Heck even minimum wage would be better than nothing!)
II. As these athletes aren’t even making minimum wage for their school eating ramen oodles in their dorm rooms, they are making millions of dollars for their school at the same time.
A. According to, in 2011 the NCAA earned nearly 2 billion dollars during the basketball season alone.
1) Of that 2 billion dollars you would think the players would make some of that too right? Just a natural thought. Think again the players made zilch, nada, nothing. They didn’t see any of that.
2) To put it simply CBS Sports journalist Bryant Gumbel said it best, he said, “We have this multibillion dollar collegiate sports


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