Role Models in Today’s Society

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Role model, this phrase forms an interesting play on words. Although it has come to have a variety of connotations, from a source of inspiration to a social icon, the word quite literally means a model for a role, a person one can strive to emulate. The notion of role model is unequivocally associated with the youth. It is the young, with the unlimited possibility of the future before them, who are influenced by the people the aspire to emulate. This is why the question of role models become important, as an insight into the views of the leaders of tomorrow. The role models people choose reflect the type of values that the hold dear and the type of society they will create in the years to come.

There was a time when the youth of the
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But today the line between right and wrong is blurred. Our role models, no longer simply defend justice, but corrupt it as well. The end seems to justify the means, in many cases. Is it any wonder then that our society’s concept of role models has taken a similar route?

Most of us have role models, whom we admire. The reasons why they are our role models can be different, but the admiration they inspire, what they represent to us is what attracts us. They inspire us to reach beyond ourselves. After all, it is a natural trait to recognise traits in others which you would desire for yourself. However, the role models of today are undeniably displaying a glut of negative personality traits which we would not wish the youth of today to demonstrate. Their disrespect of normal societal values and morals is threatening to corrupt the very moral foundation of society as a whole.

Possibly the answer is to stop looking for role models, on the television, or in fashion magazines, or on the sporting pitches. Instead to show the youth the true role models all around us. Show them the average man trying to provide for his family, the policeman who risks his life for justice, the doctor who strives to heal. These are our society’s real heroes, they are whom the youth should be emulating, but they cannot be found on the cover of “OK” or “Heat”, or seen on Big Brother. But


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