Tim Winton - Belonging Speech - Hsc

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Good morning sir and fellow students. Significant events are pivotal in enriching ones understanding of their identity, which leads to an understanding of where they belong in the world. This is shown through our prescribed text “The Simple Gift” composed by Steven Herrick; as well as Tim Winton’s “The Turning”. | Steven Herrick’s free verse novel explores this value of events that shape a persons identity and hence their sense of belonging in their world. The cause of his alienation appears to be physical and psychological abuse from his father, lack of caring from his school and his run down neglected neighbourhood with its “deadbeat no hoper… downtrodden house in Longlands Rd, Nowheresville”. | The symbolism and scatological imagery …show more content…

| The character of Raelene is in an abusive relationship where she feels she is isolated from the world around her. This is exemplified by the quote “when Rae laughed at him he clouted her in front of the kids”. The colloquial language and sparse imagery allows the reader to understand Raelene’s lack of belonging. | The use of colloquialisms is repeated throughout the text, and is rich and powerfully inventive in demonstrating to the reader values of Australian society, and more specifically, values of belonging and not belonging in an Australian context. | Later in the text Raelene finds solace in meeting a couple whose relationship is affirmed on values of faith and spirituality. The juxtaposition of this relationship with her current spouse allows Raelene to discover who she really is. | Winton utilizes religious connotations and motifs in order to demonstrate this, as shown through the quote, “she has something special“ whilst ‘Christ is holding his heart”. The use of religious intertextuality is also clear in that Winton describes the presence of a higher, spiritual power in the line “Deep down Rae sensed that she wanted something from them.” | Raelene then reflects on her newly enriched identity, as demonstrated through the motif of the snow globe. Within this globe is a symbol of her new-found