Analysis of the Green Mile

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Jill Knaub
Professor Janet Ward
English 110
November 3, 2011 Summary of the Novel, “The Green Mile”

A summary of any novel by Stephen King has to include a small biography of the horror novelist, himself. Publishing this novel in 1996 as a serial novel, with the first edition actually coming out as one of six small paperbacks that were eventually made into one novel. Stephen King is well known for his horror novels, therefore, this summary of the novel “The Green Mile” shows this book set in the 1930's and is a deviation from some of his other works.

The story is told in the first-person narrative by Paul Edgecombe, switching between Paul as an old man in the nursing home in 1996 and his time as block supervisor
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Paul does not know how to help John, but John tells him he is ready to die and to escape the cruelty of the world. John Cofey's execution is the last that Paul is involved in at Cold Mountain Penitentiary. Mr. Jingles was introduced to Elaine who lived 64 years past the events depicted in the story. Paul explains how those healed by John Cofey had lived unnaturally longer lives. Elaine, nursing home friend whom he is telling his story, dies before learning that Paul’s wife died in his arms just after a bus accident and that he had seen John Cofey's ghost watching him from an overpass. Paul now seems to be all alone, now well over 100 years old and wonders how much longer he will live.


Paul Edgecombe – Paul is the main character of the novel. A prison guard by the end of the story he is and old man narrating this part of his life to a friend writing his memoir.

John Cofey – A 6'8” black man, convicted of murder and awaiting his death sentence on death row. He befriends a white mouse and heals people of their illnesses.

Percy Wetmore – A mean guard that nobody likes. Tormenting the prisoners, trying to kill Mr. Jingles, and botching an execution causing terrible suffering. He keeps his job because he is the nephew of the Governor's wife.

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Edward Delacroix – A Cajun man convicted of arson. Essentially being a coward, he is the man who dies a horrible execution at the hands of


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