The Goal

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The Goal Assignment
Question 1
Based on the definition of each type, we can realize that Alex Rogo’s plant does not follow the repetitive process, because his plant receives different kinds of orders to product different outputs. Furthermore, all orders do not follow the same sequence of tasks. For instance, there are only 80% of materials that come through the NCX-10 machine. In fact, they only use the repetitive process as the final process to assemble their finished products. In contrast, Alex Rogo ‘s plant is a mix of job shop and batch process. The orders of his plant are similar to job shops, in that have a high variety of inputs and tasks. Each job should be scheduled scientifically or the whole system will be
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Hence, dry area is the bottleneck of the whole system.
There are several ways to alleviate bottlenecks in the system. First, if there is no way to increase the overall outputs of the whole system higher than the bottleneck’s capacity, we can only reduce the carrying cost of the excess of the works in process before the bottlenecks. We can control and balance the amount of output before the bottlenecks to limit the long queues. Second, we can increase the throughput of the bottlenecks by itself. We can add labor or equipment in order to boost the throughput rate at the bottleneck. Third, if the flow of the parts in the system is not strictly sequential, we can move the bottlenecks into the initial stage of the process in order to avoid an excess of work in the process and long queue before bottleneck.
In The Goal book on page 140, Jonas said, “Bottlenecks are not necessarily bad or good.” We have to accept that bottlenecks occur in any plants, and it is a reality. Another truth is that we are not able to perfectly balance the plant’s capacity with the market demand due to the problem of “dependent events” and “statistical fluctuations.” However, we can balance the flow of products in the plant with the market demand thanks to adjust the throughput at the bottlenecks. In particularly, the parts that determine the capacity of the whole system are bottlenecks. Thus, we can only adjust the flow of products through the bottlenecks, which is the flow of the whole


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