Dental Implants

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There are a number of different kinds of dental implants that are currently being used to support prosthetic teeth. One of the emerging forms gaining popularity with both dentists and patients is the root form implant, which utilizes a titanium or metal alloy cylinder that is surgically implanted into the jawbone, and used to secure replacement teeth (Zhang 2). There are a number of evaluative processes as well as steps to the procedure that increase the success rate. By incorporating better hygiene techniques and promoting healing, the time needed to replace missing teeth with prosthetic ones, using root form implants is constantly decreasing, making the procedure one of the most beneficial dental advancements of the past decade. …show more content…

There are five basic categories within the evaluations process, and dentists generally utilize these categories as an outline for their individual patient evaluations. These categories include: 1. esthetic considerations, including where the tooth (or teeth) is; 2. function, especially in fully edentulous patients, where the use of root form implants can significantly improve chewing capacity; 3. hygiene, or the ability of the person to care for the implant during the time between the surgery and the attachment of the abuttment, when infection risks are at their greatest; 4. life expectancy and other time considerations that could impact how long the implants are expected to last; and 5. speech quality, especially if the implant can significantly improve the quality of speech for the elderly (Linkow 65-65).By considering these points in relation to the individual client, it is possible to determine if the procedure has the greatest chance of success.

The evaluation process also must consider the medical efficacy of the procedure, and determine the greatest number of implants that can be supported by the individual's jaw. The dentist must consider the amount of viable bone that can be utilized, as well as bone density, the presence of existing teeth in clients who are not fully edentulous, and the location of all of the implants in relationship to


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