Hillside Veterinary Clinic

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Comparing the Hillside Veterinary Clinic Marketing Plan to the standard marketing plan outline, you can easily see certain aspects of business marketing that HVC has overlooked. First, not keeping customer email addresses is a huge mistake. E-mail marketing is a very effective and affordable effort, especially if the growing housing market is catering to new families, younger people who practically live on their iPhones and Laptops. Not even having a website is mistake #2. There are simple web platforms that have pre-designed templates, and for pennies a day HVC could triple their web presence by having a website, and feeding the business listing to the major search engines, not just Yahoo. The actual efforts that HVC intends to use …show more content…

There should be more than the 3 brochures identified in the marketing plan. In addition to the puppy-care-plan, dental brochure, and description of services, they should include one for their geriatrics program, dog training, importance of spaying/neutering, heartworm prevention, adopting from animal shelters instead of puppy mills, and animal cruelty. This would help to makeup for the severe lack in ethical involvement within the community. Local affiliations should be increased ten-fold. An alliance with the local shelter(s) could offer a slightly increased adoption fee, that pre-pays for spay/neuter services at their vet clinic. They would likely take this as a loss, but it would be worth it by the time the customer shows up and their highly educated staff sells them the puppy-care-plan or the extended-pet-care-discount-plan. Mutual alliances with PetCo could work wonders as well. PetCo may allow the clinic to start off selling a few items at a time, on credit, so that they don’t have to come off the initial out of pocket investment for stock inventory. If an item works, great; if not, no harm - no foul. A plan should be implemented to help ensure the new residents of Wellington bring their pets to the HVC. Be it advertising in a local welcome basket, or making sure you are affiliated with as many sources for obtaining new pets as possible, this should be a top priority. Attend as many animal