Air Force

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My Path to The United States Air Force

I always wanted to go into the military as a little kid. Now, actually being at the age of what I need to decide on what I’m going to do for my future is a little harder than I thought it was going to be. I have chose to do my project on The United States Air Force. It has always intrigued me to join the military because of my grandfather. He was in the Air Force and always told me stories about when he was in the service. I really wasn’t sure about what branch to go into because I didn’t really know what pays the best, but which is also the safest. This project has showed me that the Air Force is the safest option, and pays the best out of all of the branches of the military. So, this
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During the summers, cadets will get their jump wings, go through officer training programs, and complete their six week basic training program. Thanks to Major **********, for showing me the best route to take for completing my goals I have set in life.
I have found that my research and my interview were very similar. The research allowed me to develop a series of questions and prepare me for my interview with Major *******. My interview with Major Heckman consisted of questions that helped me confirm my decision of wanting to protect my country and becoming a pilot. The most important piece of information that I learned was that without an education these days, it’s almost impossible to fulfill your dreams. Major ********* has provided me with the knowledge and a path to set me in the right direction.
My mission was to find out which was the best route to take in the military. I have found that the Air Force is the best option for me. It is by far the safest, and definitely pays the best out of all of the other branches. If I had to assess myself on the grade that I had to receive it would be an “A.” I feel that I have put time and effort into this project which will now help me throughout life and striving for the goals that I wish to


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