An Operational Marketing Plan for a New Magazine Entering the Magazine Market

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Knowing potential customers characteristics is important for the marketing of our magazine. Therefore we would have to ensure we get these correct to save money on possible wasted advertising.
Customer loyalty means that consumers will always go back to a certain magazine because of factors such as value and content. If magazine firms establish brand loyalty with existing customers, they will ensure prospective profits.
There is an ageing population which could affect the amount of magazines being bought. However we aim to target a wide market with our magazine so this should not be an issue.
Career orientation will play a big part in whether people purchase magazines. People who chose to have a time consuming career are less likely to buy magazines which is unfavourable to magazine publishers. On the other hand, a lot of workplaces have magazines in staff rooms for employees to read whilst on breaks. This could persuade employees to buy a certain magazine again.
Seasonal trends could mean that more people buy magazines in summer months to take on holiday to read. This will increase revenue for magazine companies implicating more profit.
Magazine publishers need to be aware of new technologies that could help them produce magazines more efficiently. New machinery could allow for magazines to be printed more cheaply. This would be valuable to publishers, as it means they can become more competitive.


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