Hong Kong Airlines Marketing Plan for India

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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
MSc Marketing Management

MM579 International Marketing
Group Project

Hong Kong Airlines –
Expansion to India as a Low-cost Carrier

Group Members: CHAN Ho Yan Anna (12016408g) CHAN Ling Yin Minty (12016376g) CHAN Tsz Ho Will (12017495g) LAM Yiu Hang Eric (12017557g)
SUN Tsz Han Candy (12024075g)

Table of Content

1. Introduction 3 2. Current Marketing Mix 4 3. Current Marketing Strategy 6 4. SWOT Analysis 9 5. Expansion to India 12 Market Analysis 12 International Market Plan 14 Potential Challenges 17 6. Conclusion 18 7. References 19

1. Introduction

The purpose of this project is to develop an international marketing plan for Hong Kong Airlines to expand to the
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More than half of the passengers are frequent travelers who fly for more than 6 times annually.

Tiger Airways
Tiger Airways is a low-cost carrier based in Singapore. Low-cost carrier refers to airline that provides limited scope of service with low airfares. The airfare is meant for the transport service only and customers have to pay extra for baggage allowance, food and beverages etc, if required. For example, Tiger Airways offers a buy-on-board program, Tiger Bites, for customers to purchase food and beverage.

Tiger Airways operates between Singapore and some regional destinations in Southeast Asia, Australia, China and India. Their passengers are price-conscious and less service-sensitive.

4. SWOT Analysis

Hong Kong Airlines can enjoy strong financial support from their parent company, Hainan Airline, which is the largest privately owned air transport company in China.

Operating in a relatively small scale, Hong Kong Airlines can be flexible and responsive to the market changes.

Its young fleet includes both short / medium haul aircrafts (A320) and long haul aircrafts (A330-200 & A330-300), which can support routings between Hong Kong and Asia-pacific ports.

Figure 4.1 A330-200’s Coverage (from Hong Kong)

Figure 4.2 A330-300’s Coverage (from Hong Kong)

Hong Kong Airlines has a weak financial management. The Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited has stopped providing services to Hong Kong


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