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H. A. LOGEN & Sons
Information Systems and Management


Executive Summary
The reports sets about assessing HA Logens current business operation both in the UK and India, this done by utilising three analysis tools, SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis and Porters Fiver Forces analysis.
From the SWOT analysis the reports highlights several key points, which includes the potential of overseas sales in emerging economies and the benefits of having manufacturing faculties in India. The lack of developed e-commerce and the poor utilisation of information technology advances have been highlighted as one of the biggest weakness of HA Logens.
The PESTEL analysis has shown that while
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Biding may be done in the Chinese projects ready to be released in 2017. This is due to the fact that the Chinese government had a problem with the already installed LED Lighting and are expected to replace the lighting introduced. 10-15 to street lighting companies will be able to bid on the project (Magazine, 2007-2014). There is the chance to enter the Chinese market with an upgraded and more professional image. A more environmental friendly approach will attract attention.

1.1.4 Threats
Even though threats may not be originated from the immediate environment, a company that is trying to expand globally needs to evaluate any potential threat worldwide. The growing expertise of U.S and China on LED lighting may be proven difficult to reach. However with effective research, the knowledge can be obtained and surpass the existing threats. There is growing competition in the Far East and these companies may be favoured and correctly encountered.
In conclusion, H.A Logen & Sons can expand in other markets such as the Chinese market. They can reach the market segmentation 'affluent achievers' through proper marketing and finally they can even expand in the direction of street advertising with minimum costs but great profits. This can be achieved because street furniture is already sold in the local councils. Advertising is a very powerful tool for expansion as it can provide instant change in profits and promotion of the


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