Mg352 - Principles of Management Applied Research

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Principles of management APPLIED RESEARCH

Pleasant Valley Police Department

Thomas Donnelly

Karl Hartenstine
Park University Internet Campus

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Principles of Management
Park University
November, 2011



Diversity Management 6

Ethical, Social, and Legal Responsibilities 8

International Business 8

General Planning & Strategic Planning 9 Organizing Work and
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Diversity Management

Diversity as defined by the Oxford dictionary is “[noun] 1) a range of many people or things that are different from each other; 2) the quality or fact of including a range of many people or things.” With a police force of twelve officers and dispatchers there is very little that sets each individual apart from the other. Currently there are two female officers within the department; both act as court officers. When asked why there seems to be a lack of diversity among his officers, Chief Dumolt’s response explained how over the last 5 years there has been an rise in female and minority cadets joining the police academy, though sadly our city “…has not had the privilege to swear in her first female/minority officer yet…” (Dumolt, 2011). While there seems to be a lack of diversity among officer’s gender and race; there is abundance among the other aspects within the department. Diversity is not limited to an individual’s sex or race; more like employing a multitude of different types of individuals that can perform a task. For example, officers rotate duties such as code enforcement, traffic duty, and night shifts on a monthly basis to keep a well-rounded knowledge of