plural executive branch

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POS221-Lesson 3 Short Answer
1. Arizona has a "plural executive." Identify each of the constitutional officers included in Arizona’s plural executive in order of succession, as well as the two positions not included in succession. Finally, choose one position and explain at least two of the position’s duties and how the position could affect your daily life.
A plural executive branch means that no single person has all the power and all officials are elected to their position. Most states have this process which differs from the country as a whole who only one has elected official, the president, and then appointed officials to support him/her. There elected members of the Arizona executive branch in order of succession are the
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The state mine inspector also has additional requirements that must be met before an individual can be elected to the office. The state mine inspector must be 30 years of age, have 7 years of prior underground mining experience and only has to be a resident of Arizona for 2 years. These are both important additional qualifications that must be met to be elected to the office. It’s important that the individual who is elected to this office have a significant amount of prior knowledge and experience in the mining industry before becoming the mine inspector. This knowledge will help the elected official know what are acceptable and unacceptable working conditions that pertain to the health and safety of the mine workers. It makes sense the age requirement be a bit older to make sure the elected official had the appropriate amount of experience in the field. The requirements for elected officials were originally made so board to centralize authority and keep the governor at the people’s control. The founding fathers wanted all people to have a voice and participation in the government actions this way people’s rights were protected. “They believed that anyone with average ability and with ordinary effort could perform the functions of most government offices.” (Gawronski, 2010) I believe that this thought and theory is still relevant today, but unfortunately doesn’t happen very


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