Holding Fast - Case Analysis

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Problem Solving Case – Holding Fast

A. Situation Analysis Summary: CEO Peter Walsh has reservations with launching a promising new product of resorbable fixation devices into the orthopedic market. The dilemma is that the product has not tested to the quality standards of Crescordia. The market has been searching for such a product for 20 years, and a competitor has launched such a product that has failed in many circumstances. Though, they are still selling the product, and according to Jane LaMott VP of sales their competitor Innostat has begun to gain ground against Crescordia simply because we do not offer the resorbable product.
Crescordia has name a name for itself in the Orthopedic market of having the highest quality
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If anybody can launch this product, it is Crescordia. This doesn’t mean this will be done without risk. Quality is a core competency of Crescordia, and quality will remain the focus. The surgeons in this market seem to know of the short-falls, and if you can launch the best possible quality product, it should be forgiving.
G. Key Implementation Actions: Key implementation items for Walsh are:
a. Report to the team of managers at Crescordia that the plan is to move forward with the pediatric market.
b. Begin tooling of necessary items to launch new product.
c. Focus R & D team on studying results and continuous improvement.
d. Launch add campaign to surgeon customers and try and limit exposure to lawsuits.

H. Impact to Competetive Advantages: The launch of this new product is not without risk, and all team members need to be focused on limiting the risk moving forward. Standing still in this industry will negatively affect long-term potential. The keys to this launch are to execute R & D, to minimize failures and increase quality of the product.


Table of Contents:
A. 5 C’s Framework
B. Resources & Capabilities
C. SWOT Analysis
D. Outside Research Information and Implications 1) The Future of the Orthopedic Devices Market to 2012 – a new report from Global Markets Direct 2) U.S. Orthopedic Fixation Device Markets

A. 5 C’s


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