A Look Into the World of Anorexia

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A Look Into the World of Anorexia
Nicole R. King
Georgia Perimeter College
Author Note
Nicole R. King, Criminal Justice Major, Georgia Perimeter College
Eating disorders have become an increasing public health problem once thought to be an affliction amongst young women, now an epidemic across culture and gender boundaries. Anorexia gives rise to serious socio-economic and bio-psychological circumstances of our ever vast, growing society. Awareness of eating disorders have increased but perhaps only in proportion to its advancement of its research and treatment. That which still leaves us in a position for a much greater demand for education and heightened awareness of this perplexing disease.
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If I were a psychologist wanting to conduct research on a follow-up study, I would further elaborate on the Fighting Anorexia study. I would follow-up on the University of Michigan (2005, Newsweek) study that reports a declining age of onset of this disease. The article also reports that, “not only are anorexia’s victims younger, they’re also more likely to be black, Hispanic or Asian, more likely to be boys, more likely to be middle-aged—all which go against the conventional wisdom that victims are mostly white, type-A girls from privileged backgrounds succumbing to pressures”(Newsweek, December 2005).
Eating disorders have taken on a myriad of initiators, i.e., environmental, biological, hereditary and social factors.
Anorexia seems to have evolved rapidly within the last ten years, almost in conjunction with technology and social media. It has widely been believed that anorexia onset was triggered by the stress and demands of one’s social environment.
My experiment would focus on the influence and stressors attributed anorexic victims, based on the demands and participation in social media in connection with everyday stressors.
I believe if I take a group of nine-year olds participating in social media activities, such as, Facebook, twitter, tagged and Instagram, and a group of nine-year olds that play with Barbie dolls, read, and socialized amongst each other on the playground daily, that the first group (A)


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