Dramaturge/Designer Report for Cloudstreet

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Cloudstreet Dramaturge/designer Report

The dramaturge explores the inner and outer world of the play and how the use of Design can be appropriate to the plays context and accurately portray the playwright’s intention while still conforming to the conventions and practices of the period.
Location: Mainly Nedlands Western Australia (no. 1 Cloudstreet) but also rural WA, Margaret River and Geraldton.
Time: 1943-1963
Social Conditions: Final two years of World War Two, The Korean War and the Vietnam War, the Eric Edgar Cook Murders and the Assassination of John F Kennedy. There was a great fear of socialism and communism and still social tension towards immigrants.
Political Climate: Prime Minister ship of Robert
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* The Blackman is symbolic of wisdom, peace and a strong symbol of aboriginal culture’s belief in a sense of belonging. The Black man is almost tied to the house as he continues to follow the lives of the inhabitants of the house. The black mans influence on Quick is particularly evident in how he guides quick and teaches him the notion of just how important belonging is. The Black man appears at the house every time the family or their relationship is threatened and appears almost like and angel to provide guidance to the family. * the importance of family is a theme is present in Cloudstreet. While the negative aspects of family and belonging are shown in the Aboriginal girls mistreatment and the tragic consequences of these actions (the suicide and death of the widow) the still affect the inhabitants of the house as the ghosts of the girls haunt the windowless room. These negative spirits are evicted and reversed as the union of Rose and Quick as well as the birth of Wax Harry are positive events which counteract the negative and by Rose and Quick’s decision to remain at Cloudstreet reinforces the sense of belonging and that it is the people not the place that matter. * The river is very important in Cloudstreet as it is where many important events occur. It is where Fish first experiences death and