Does Tumblr Have a Negative Impact on an Adolescent Girls Psychological Wellbeing

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Does Tumblr have a negative impact on an adolescent girls psychological wellbeing.

Antoinette Capili

Since the grand opening of the renowned blogging website, Tumblr in 2007, there has been an overwhelming “15 billion page views a month” 1. From this time on, Tumblr has played a significant role in shaping an individual’s identity and personality towards themselves and society. The Tumblr environment has remarkably transformed the perspectives of adolescents’ own appearance and is one of the main contributors for the desire of teenagers to conform and stick to what is supposedly the norm of the status quo. It has since had a negative impact on girls psychologically. This report will discuss the images of quotes, types of blogs,
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The “ABC diet which is also known as the Anorexia Boot Camp Diet” 10 this can be thought of as an “Eating Extreme” 11 . The ABC diet is “a set of calories assigned to each day... Calorie amount is under 500, sometimes less, sometimes nothing.” 12 With the increase of blogging and the explansion of the media portraying “Stick Thin Models” 13 More adolescents are being diagnosed with anorexia, bulimia or compulsive over eating or binge eating disorder they follow “nothing tastes better than thin... Eating less to be a happier you” 14 quotes which are also commonly found on tumblr. The ABC diet and many diets similar to these are found on tumblr and it may start as something small, but creates a ripple effect and soon begins to effect an adolescent girl physically. From the results that I have received in the questionnaire that I conducted and the research that I have collected, It can be deduced that Tumblr does have a negative impact on an adolescent girls psychological well being, due to images of distressing quotes, Thinspo blogs in particular, ProAnorexia posts and the different types of unhealthy eating rituals that are constantly being posted on Tumblr. Girls begin to believe that this is the norm in society, they then initiate these “norms” into their lives. EVALUATION The Research that I conducted was in the form of a questionnaire. This was successful, I gained the more than enough information to allow me to complete the assignment successfully. The