J&J (Philippines) Case Analysis

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I. Point of view

We will take the point of view of Vice President of Marketing P.M. “Boy” de Claro because he is in-charge of the introduction of the product to the market.

II. Situation Audit

* In the mid-1880s, Johnson and Johnson (J&J) was founded in the U.S producing antiseptic bandages for wound care. * As the company grew larger, it started to manufacture baby care, first-aid and hospital supplies, and became the leading manufacturer of the said products. * In 1959, the firm entered in the
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* Use their established name in the market for easier market penetration. | * Introduce the product as toiletry and not as a cosmetic | WEAKNESSES 1. Conservative to any changes in the product 2. Inactive in product introduction | | |

Based on these strategies, the alternatives formulated are:
Alternative 1: They should change the color of the company’s name in the packaging from gold to their standard blue color and introduce it as a toiletry and not as a cosmetic.
* The product could be more appealing to mothers as the standard blue color entails a “mild” feel to it. * Easier market acceptance since the customers are accustomed to the blue color. * The probability of the international management’s acceptance is higher because the new product will be conforming to the company’s policies. * There is less confusion among the customers about the product’s classification.
* Cost inefficient.
Alternative 2: Expand the product line and introduce the product as a cosmetic.
* May appeal to a larger portion of the population.
* May encounter resistance from mothers of the target market. * Heavy competition due to established cosmetics companies.
Alternative 3: Do not launch the new product.
* No advertising cost * No risk of market in acceptance
* Opportunity loss * Will not meet the breakeven point


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