Chapter 1 Lab

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Chapter 1 First Look at Computer Parts and Tools

Lab 1.1 Record Your Work and Make Deliverables

Review Questions 1. What are the eight categories in the Category view in Control Panel?

Answer: System and Security

Network and Internet

Hardware and Sound


User Accounts and Family Safety

Appearance and Personalization

Clock, Language and Region

Ease of Access

2. What are the four file types that can be used to save a snip using the Windows Snipping Tool?

Answer: Portable Network Graphic file (PNG) (*.PNG)

GIF file (*.GIF)

JPEG file (*.JPG)

Single file HTML (MHT) (*.MHT)

3. The Windows Experience Index rates a computer’s performance on a scale of 1.0 to 7.9.
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2. When might you want to use a slimline form factor?

Answer: You would want to use a slimline factor, when space maximization is a factor, or

3. What advantages does ATX have over microATX?

Answer: More room for expansion slots, and better heat dissipation.

4. Where is the CPU located on the BTX motherboard? Why?

Answer: It is located at the front of the case, next to the intake fan for a better air flow.

5. Is it possible to determine the form factor without opening the case?

Answer: Yes, you could tell by seeing the size and shape of the case.

Lab 1.5 Find Documentation on the Internet about Power Ratings

Review Questions

1. How is a computer component, such as a network card, commonly marked for identification?

Answer: It would have a sticker or a label with the model, serial number, etc.

2. In what sections of a web site are manuals commonly found?

Answer: You can find the manuals usually in the support tab or download tab

3. In what format are manuals usually provided?

Answer: They are usually provided in PDF format.

4. What is the URL where you can download the product guide for an Intel DH67BL motherboard?


5. Why would a PC repair technician need to know the power consumption of a peripheral


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