Cinderella vs Ella Enchanted

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Cinderella vs Ella Enchanted The tale of Cinderella has been heard and read for many generations. The idea of rags to riches has appealed to countless readers through varying accounts. The plot of Cinderella has become a traditional theme. Through different cultures and eras the theme has seen many copies, remakes, twists and views in literature, theater and film. Today’s era of blended families and conflicts in class statuses may be why Cinderella has been a classic. One of those twists is seen in the film Ella Enchanted. Ella Enchanted is not the same story, Cinderella redone, but has similar theme with varying differences. A version of Cinderella has been written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The brothers collected and researched …show more content…

Each day of her departure the price tries to find out who she is but she is able to elude him. On the last day she lost a slipper and the price declares he will marry the woman whom the slipper fits. The drastic measures the stepsisters execute were revealed to the price by the bird in the tree. The climax happens when Cinderella tied on the slipper and it fit. In the same moment the prince had an epiphany. He recognized her as the beautiful girl he danced with. In conclusion the price married her and at the wedding the stepsisters’ eyes were pecked out by doves as punishment when they tried to gain favor with Cinderella to share in her good fortune (Grimm). Depending on what the reader views in the story, each can come out with a different moral. The standard would be good will triumph over evil or goodness is rewarded while evil is punished. On a more humorous side, always be nice to your siblings because you never know if they are ever going to be richer than you. These morals are a little different then the movie Ella Enchanted. In the film Ella Enchanted the story begins with the birth of Ella and the gift, obedience, which is bestowed upon her by her fairy godmother, Lucinda. As Ella grows up she is plagued by the gift of obeying everything that she is told to do. Her father remarries after her mother passes away. Fed up with being at everyone’s will but her own, especially her stepmother and two stepsisters, she sets off to find Lucinda to take back the